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Information About Humanities : Your Career In

Jobs directly related to your degree

* Secondary school teacher or Primary school teacher - develops schemes of work and plans lessons in line with national objectives. Teachers encourage, monitor and record the progress of individual pupils.
* Social researcher - designs, formulates and conducts social research projects in a variety of settings including independent research institutions, think-tanks and trade unions.
* Information officer - manages and develops the procurement, supply and distribution of information for an organisation or client in support of their needs or objectives.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Academic librarian or Records manager - responsible for the acquisition, organisation and dissemination of information and materials within a library system or information unit.
* Advertising account executive - responsible for the smooth running of campaigns and deals with the day-to-day turnaround of work, ensuring it is produced on time and on budget.
* Arts administrator - provides administrative support for a wide range of arts and cultural events and activities for theatres, galleries, museums, dance companies, arts organisations and local authorities.
* Charity officer - deals with accounts, budget management, fundraising, applying for grants and other public funding, liaising with outside agencies and organising volunteers.
* Local government officer - responds to the administrative needs of individual departments, assists in the formulation of policies and procedures, and advises on and coordinates their implementation.
* Marketing executive - involved at all stages of business development, in market research, planning, product development, pricing, packaging, advertising, PR and sales.
* Newspaper journalist or Broadcast journalist - gathers and researches information in order to write/present stories for publication or broadcast to the public.
* Human resources officer - develops, advises on and implements policies relating to the effective use of human resources (HR) within an organisation, including areas such as working practices, recruitment, pay, conditions and diversity.
* Public relations account executive - responsible for the transmission of positive information to particular audiences, using press and media liaison, company newspapers and journals.
* Commercial solicitor or Non-commercial solicitor - advises clients on legal aspects of personal or business affairs, including wills, property, litigation, tax, competition law and intellectual property.

(This information is extracted from prospects.ac.uk)

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