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Information About Health Studies : Career In

Jobs directly related to your degree

* Adult nurse - provides medical care, supports recovery and promotes good health for patients suffering from acute and long-term illnesses, or diseases such as diabetes or arthritis, and surgical patients. Nurses plan and carry out care within a multidisciplinary team and are the main point of contact for patients.
* Mental health nurse - works with children, adults and older people suffering from various types of mental health problems to help them to overcome their illness or come to terms with it in order to maximise their life potential.
* Paediatric nurse - a registered nurse responsible for promoting optimum health and for preventing ill health amongst children up to the age of 18, intervening where appropriate to provide holistic care in cases of acute and chronic illness.
* Health promotion specialist - also known as a health education specialist or officer. These specialists promote awareness of health issues to individuals and the community and look at ways of dealing with health issues and encouraging healthy life styles.
* Health services manager - responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and supervising the delivery of local healthcare provision through the management of local hospitals, general practitioners and community health services. Generalists manage an entire facility, while specialists manage a department. The NHS runs its own graduate management training schemes.
* Community development worker - works with members of the community who need help, usually the sick and elderly or people with addictions or social problems.
* Social worker - offers support to vulnerable members of the community and their families to combat problems they are struggling to cope with alone.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Physiotherapist - treats a range of health problems through the use of physical movement and exercises, massage and the use of technology.
* Dietitian - advises and supports patients with special dietary needs and devises diets.
* Nutritional therapist - advises clients on how to improve overall health and wellbeing by assessing needs, problems, diet and lifestyle, and recommending changes. Many major food manufacturers and retailers employ nutritionists and food scientists and opportunities also arise in research, education and journalism.
* Counsellor - works on a confidential basis, listening carefully to clients and offering the time, empathy and respect to enable them to express their personal feelings and possibly understand themselves from a different perspective. This practice helps clients to reduce their confusion and make changes in their life if they so choose. Counsellors enable clients to make their own choices within the framework of an agreed counselling contract. They do not give advice.
* - teaches on health studies and related study programmes in a further education colleges or adult education establishments.

(This information is extracted from prospectus.ac.uk with the permission to reproduce.)

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