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Jobs directly related to your degree

* Archivist - plans and organises systems and procedures for the safekeeping of, and public access to, historically valuable collections. Archivists identify, evaluate and select important items, and negotiate the acquisition of material with the relevant providers.
* Secondary school teacher - develops schemes of work and plans lessons, encourages, monitors and records the progress of individual pupils, and devises and adapts resources to suit their own students. Secondary school teachers must also keep up to date with developments in their subject area, and new teaching and learning methods.
* Museum/gallery conservator - acquires, maintains, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artefacts or works of art in order to educate, entertain and inspire the public.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

* Barrister - responsible for understanding and interpreting the law, managing legal briefs (cases), researching and writing opinions, preparing cases for court, and preparing and presenting legal argument.
* Academic librarian, Information officer, Information scientist, Records manager - responsible for the selection, acquisition, organisation and dissemination of information within an organisation, often with a user training and liaison role.
* Broadcast journalist, Magazine journalist or Newspaper journalist - responsible for investigating, gathering and reporting on news and authoring journal-specific features.
* Writer - produces writing in various styles including fiction and poetry, non-fiction and material for the theatre, screen, radio and the web. Most writers work freelance and are self-employed.
* Education administrator - organises and manages educational institutions’ administrative systems and processes. Areas of work can include central administration (such as admissions and recruitment) or an academic or support department, such as finance or careers, where the role is likely to involve more direct contact with students/pupils.
* Civil service administrator - interprets and applies complex written information relating to policies and procedures, produces high-quality materials and reports, researches and conducts analysis, and delivers findings.
* Primary school teacher - plans, prepares and presents lessons for pupils aged 5 to 11, motivating pupils, and assessing and recording pupils’ progress.
* Commercial solicitor or Non-commercial solicitor - advises individuals and organisations on legal aspects of personal and business matters.
* Careers information officer - identifies resources and assesses the suitability of information, assists and trains users in locating appropriate resources. Careers information officers also develop collection management policies that meet current and anticipated needs, while considering budgetary constraints.

(This information is extracted from prospectus.ac.uk with the permission to reproduce.)

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