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Information About Chemistry : Your Career

Jobs directly related to your degree
Analytical chemist - uses a diverse range of high tech methods to investigate the chemical nature of substances. The aim of the work is to identify and understand substances and how they behave under different conditions.
Clinical biochemist - detects changes in the complex biochemistry of blood and other bodily fluids and tissues and advises clinicians and GPs on the use of tests, diagnosis of disease, and planning and progress of treatment.
Forensic scientist - analyses samples in relation to crimes and writes reports which are presented as evidence in court which may link a suspect with the scene of the crime, the victim or the weapon.
Research scientist (physical sciences) - develops an understanding of materials and processes by gathering information and generating knowledge through both theoretical and experimental research. The work is often divided into pure research, conducted for interest or to improve understanding without an additional purpose, and applied research, which contributes to the development of a commercially exploitable product.
Chemical development engineer - creates and develops industrial processes to make a range of products including fuels, food and drink, artificial fibres, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.
Science writer - researches, writes and edits scientific news articles and features for professional publications, specialist scientific journals and the general media.
Toxicologist - carries out laboratory and field studies to identify, monitor and evaluate the impact of toxic materials and radiation on human and animal health and the environment. Toxicologists work within industrial, pharmaceutical, forensic, clinical and regulatory fields.
Process engineer - concerned with chemical and biochemical processes in which raw materials undergo change and the work involves scaling up processes from the laboratory into the processing plant.

Jobs where your degree would be useful
Patent agent - obtains and enforces intellectual property rights on behalf of inventors or organisations. Most patent attorneys work either in private firms of patent attorneys or in large manufacturing organisations. Chemists may tend to specialise in pharmaceutical patent law.
Environmental consultant - works with clients to assess contamination, carries out environmental impact assessment and environmental audit, offers waste management advice, and develops environmental policy and environmental management systems.
Secondary school teacher, or Higher education lecturer - as well as teaching the subject to students, lecturers in particular may also undertake academic or industry research and may be involved in school or departmental management.
Chartered certified accountant - responsible for financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accountancy, corporate finance and insolvency - suited to chemists because of the numerical and analytical content of their degree.

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