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About Us

Education in Nepal is an educational website dedicated to help the student to fulfill their aim of playing democratic role of nation building through the higher education. Our mission is to help the students prepare themselves in the way of choosing right career which leads to the engaged and thoughtful democratic citizens.
At this site, we work harder for you to present the related information about the national colleges in search of your career goals. Students will be able to find educational resources for choosing the right career and hence transform themselves into the well-informed person firmly prepared for the future struggle.
Education in Nepal aims to enable all young graduates to develop their strengths, use their minds well and be a brick stone in the pillar of constructing ‘New Nepal’ through the education. We will be developing Education in Nepal as resourceful website full with intellectual information connected to the skills needed for real world success.
Education in Nepal believes that choosing the right career in life brings out the mental capacity of breaking the cycle of poverty and redressing social inequities.

We feel proud to be part of Nepalese Education and aim to provide the following services:

- Advise the students on choosing the right career for the bright future.

- Amplify the capabilities of student to take the decision and suggest for the way about their higher education and future career.

- Advocate for educational policies in Nepal whenever possible.

- Work as center point for educational networking.
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